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The Obama administration is going to take our guns by signing a treaty with the UN. This is a “backdoor” way to over ride the second amendment. Obama and company want to join all of the other Socialist governments to give government total control over its people.

Here are links to many stories regarding this upcoming event in 2010 that will continue to erode our rights as citizens and continue to take away our freedoms. How many more freedoms will our government take from us?

New Years gun threat


NRA warns of gun control

for many more articles, just google it

I am ashamed of being a democrat right now. First they shove the health reform down our throats that will cost us billions and now this. I am ashamed of my government. Washington does not listen to us and it is our fault they continue partying with our money.

They're after our 2nd amendment rights


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While I was writing my last post I started getting angry when I got to the part about people smoking around kids. That really angers me. Whenever I see people in a car with a child in it and the people are smoking, I want to beat the crap out of them or at least tell them about it.
It is only my opinion, but I feel that smoking in a car with a child inside is child abuse. You are hurting the child on the inside by making them breathe the foul cigarette smoke and second hand smoke. They don’t have a choice in the matter. They might say something and most likely will be admonished for it, but they surely can’t jump out of the car and take off.
Some states have taken steps to save our children by enacting laws that do not allow people to smoke in a vehicle with a child in it. To those states I say way to go. Keep fighting for our kids. To the states that haven’t enacted any laws to protect our children from this addicting smoke inside of a vehicle, I say what the hell are you waiting for?


West Virginia needs to get moving on this as well. Now is the time for our state to be a leader and set an example for others to follow instead of being 10 years behind the times and last or next to last in every category.
We need to save our Children.
Always remember to buckle up (especially your kids)

Don't smoke !!

Don't smoke !!

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