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Coal Companies have found a way to cut jobs, get coal quicker and make more money without any thought to the environmental impacts and the people living in West Virginia. They blast and remove the mountain top, take the coal and leave scarred, barren land for years. Will the Appalachian mountains become endangered? People are being fleeced with new terms, “clean coal technology” and “carbon-free coal”. It doesn’t exist. It is fancy terms to make people think coal is environment friendly but it still pollutes. Now the coal companies can rape the land as well in their greed of the all mighty dollar.

Americans are against MTR

Before and After mountain top removal

Environmentally friendly coal, you’re kidding

President Obama?


Raping the land - Mountain Top Removal

Raping the land - Mountain Top Removal


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Coal is big business in West Virginia. They talk about “clean coal technology” but I’m not sure if that exists. It seems to be a fancy title trying to push coal as “green”. I’m not sure clean coal exists. I’ll have to look into it.
I do know that mountain-top mining in West Virginia is ruining the state. I hope West Virginia continues to be the mountain state and stays wild and wonderful but I feel it is being destroyed.

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