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What is the world coming to when a boy almost gets suspended for playing with a tiny toy gun and lego policeman during a school break. People have no common sense anymore and the school systems are the worst. I can understand actual functioning weapons but a tiny plastic gun. Must be a power hungry principal.
Kid Almost Suspended for Bringing Tiny Toy Gun to School

by Brett Singer Feb 5th 2010 9:00AM

Patrick Timoney, 9, holds the small plastic gun that almost got the fourth grader suspended. Credit: Nicholas Fevelo, New York Daily News

School safety is important, but some are saying an elementary school principal overreacted when she saw one of her students playing with a tiny toy gun in the cafeteria.

boy almost suspended for mini toy gun

Mom Laura Timoney went ballistic when she received a call from her son’s school. Staten Island fourth-grader Patrick Timoney was in tears, the mad mama told the New York Daily News, because he was being threatened with a suspension by P.S. 52 principal Evelyn Matroianni.

His crime? Possession of a 2-inch toy gun, which Patrick had placed in the hand of a Lego police officer during a lunchtime toy break.

Patrick’s father, a retired police officer who shares his little boy’s name, tells the Daily News that he has “no problem with the rules” but doesn’t see why the tiny gun caused such a big problem.

see the video here To see the video, click on the link then scroll halfway down the page when it loads.

“The toy gun is not the issue,” Laura Timoney tells the Daily News. “A lack of common sense is the issue.” Timoney adds that she wants an apology and might sue the school.

New York City Department of Education spokesperson Margie Feinberg tells the Staten Island Advance that “Toy guns are not allowed in schools,” and that NYC schools have a no-tolerance policy in place for fake firearms. Even little ones.

After a meeting was held between parents and school officials, it was decided that Patrick would not be suspended over the wee weapon.

When it comes to punishments, size really does matter.

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I would have been ecstatic to have received this truck when I was 16. I bought my own car when I was 19 years old with my own money. My parents never bought me a car.
That is the trouble with kids today, they have everything handed to them, they have no respect for anything or anyone and expect everything and think they are owed it all.
I think this little punk should go out and get a job and buy his own car. He obviously has no respect for his family or what people think of him. What a spoiled little ass.

Here is another video of the same spoiled ass little punk at an earlier time when his brother was messing with him when they were playing an online game. I would’ve canceled his account, too. What a spoiled ass bitch.

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How could anyone do that to a child?

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