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Not all police officers are good ones and a few bad apples sometimes spoil the barrel, BUT, if you had to put up with people verbally abusing you, spitting on you, resisting arrest, trying to fight you when you try to arrest them, then you wouldn’t complain. Police officers put their lives on the line everyday. The use of a taser is a non-lethal (98%) way to subdue some asshole that is breaking the law or is being disorderly. I saw someone post on AOL that cops shouldn’t be allowed to use a taser on women and some called an officer a coward. Women can be just as belligerent and difficult to restrain and arrest as a man, especially if intoxicated. I haven’t seen the latest video about the “soccer mom” being tased in front of her kids so I cannot comment on it. Just remember that video doesn’t always show the true story if there is no audio. You cannot hear what the person is saying, you cannot see if the person showed aggression in their facial gestures because most video is not that clear. If you cannot hear the person defying a law enforcement officers command to follow a procedure that most departments train for when dealing with a situation then that person is putting the officers safety at risk. A police officer has no idea who the person is, if they are armed, if they are high on drugs and getting out of your vehicle without being told to is asking for trouble. The officer just kicked into the next level of safety training and wondering what the hell this person is on or is hiding by exiting their vehicle and being verbally belligerent. And contrary to what a lot of people living in this society may believe is that, yes, even soccer moms can have drugs, sell drugs, be high on drugs. A large part of society doesn’t see the underbelly of society as most are sleeping during the times the dregs of society are usually out and about. Like I said before, not all officers are good, some are lazy, some are power hungry and some are just pricks that want nothing better than to ruin someones day when a warning would suffice. BUT, most are out there protecting our lives from scum who mean to harm us. They live in danger everytime they strap on the gun and put on a badge. So give them a break, show them support, especially in this day and age when they have to juggle what the courts tell them they can and can’t do while sometimes leaving them open to lawsuits. I’m stepping off of my soapbox now and have included a video link for you to watch if you’ve made it this far. Tasers help officers subdue idiots that may end up hurting themselves, someone else or the officer with no harm (majority of the time) to the person.

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